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Easy to Create

Set up Poll Meetings, send out invitations, and easily gather responses! Simplify appointment scheduling to boost work efficiency!

Save Time

Avoid the hassle of multiple confirmations by letting attendees vote for their preferred time slots. The most popular time wins, and an automatic confirmation is sent out. Save time and simplify your meetings.

Boost Attendance

Invitees are able to choose suitable meeting times according to their time zone. Quickly reach a consensus among all parties and effectively organize meeting schedules.

Easily Start a Poll to Find the Ideal Meeting Time


Create a Poll: Begin by setting up your poll with a few clicks.


Select Time Slots: Choose potential time slots for your meeting.


Share Poll Meeting Link: Distribute the poll link to your invitees.


View Poll Results and Confirm Time: Check the responses and receive a push notification in your SimplyMeet.me app whenever a new vote is casted, and decide the most suitable time.


Finalize the Meeting: Confirm the final meeting time and automatically send booking details to all participants.

Easily Start a Poll meeting

Maximize Productivity: Poll Meetings x Admin App

Create Poll Meetings on the go

Use the SimplyMeet.me admin app to create a new poll meeting on your mobile

Easily Vote on Preferred Time Slots

Empower you to select your preferred meeting times effortlessly. Our intuitive interface simplifies voting, ensuring quick and unanimous decision-making

Get Real-Time Push Notifications When Participants Vote

Stay updated in real-time. Receive instant push notifications whenever participants vote, keeping you informed and engaged throughout the scheduling process

Maximize Productivity

Effortlessly Coordinate Meetings with SimplyMeet.me

With SimplyMeet.me:

Efficiently orchestrate your meetings by sharing a single link. Collect everyone's availability swiftly and schedule meetings with ease.

Without SimplyMeet.me:

Navigate the clutter of endless emails and messages. Traditional scheduling, with its repetitive confirmations, is error-prone and time-consuming.

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What is SimplyMeet.me Meeting Scheduler?

Meeting scheduler software simplifies the booking and management of meetings for individuals and businesses. It allows you to manage your availability, enabling anyone to book your time. The intuitive interface and automated 24/7 booking system optimize coordination and client engagement.

The SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler enhances productivity by integrating calendars like Google, Outlook, and iCal and video services like Zoom and Teams. If you need to accept payments or integrate additional apps, you can activate SBpay.me and Zapier for broader software connectivity. SimplyMeet.me also offers an admin app to help you manage meeting schedules and receive reminders more effectively while on the go.

Boost your productivity. SimplyMeet.me aims to make meeting scheduling seamless and efficient. It allows users to customize meeting types, set different meeting durations, and manage client bookings. In short, SimplyMeet.me’s meeting scheduler software makes organizing meetings both simple and professional.


Can the SimplyMeet.me Meeting Scheduler be integrated with Google Calendar?

Of course, YES! SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler supports a range of calendar providers to ensure seamless user integration. The most commonly endorsed calendar providers include

  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • Apple iCal
  • Office 365 Calendar
  • CalDAV compatibility.

By integrating with these calendar providers, the SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler allows for automatic syncing of appointments, ensuring that your schedule is always up-to-date across all your devices and platforms. With Multiple calendar integrations and CalDAV compatibility, you can use any compatible calendar and link it!

SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler helps you streamline time costs and boost productivity. Try now for free: https://secure.simplymeet.me/register/


How much does the SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler cost?

SimplyMeet.me Meeting Scheduler offers various pricing plans tailored to users of different company sizes, including a FOREVER FREE plan for individuals with features such as group bookings, redirecting invitees, custom translations, and more.

For team meeting schedule management, SimplyMeet.me provides comprehensive features to help you manage your team's meetings. You can try the Professional plan for free before deciding whether to use it.

To get more information about the plans and features of the SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler, view the pricing page here: https://simplymeet.me/en/pricing


What are the Poll Meetings, and how to use Poll Meetings?

Fed up with endless email exchanges to pin down a meeting time that suits everyone. With Poll Meetings, effortlessly set up and run polls to determine the most convenient meeting time. Poll Meetings lets users generate polls from personal meeting types, providing options for various durations and preferred time slots over multiple dates. Personalize your poll by allowing participants to view others' names and choices during voting.

4 Steps to create Poll Meetings in SimplyMeet.me:

  1. Create a Poll from Existing Meeting Types
  2. Select Preferable Time Slots
  3. Share Poll Meeting Link
  4. View Poll Results and Confirm the Time

Check out more details: https://help.simplymeet.me/index.php/Poll_meetings


When is it appropriate to use Poll Meetings?

A: In today's fast-paced business environment, scheduling meetings efficiently is more important than ever. An innovative solution designed to streamline finding the best time for group meetings, Poll Meetings are ideal in various scenarios:

  • Scheduling for Multiple Participants: When coordinating meeting times with several people, Poll Meetings can effectively reduce communication costs and time.
  • Cross-Time Zone Collaboration: For participants across different time zones, this feature helps find a time suitable for everyone.
  • Busy Schedule Coordination: For participants with tight schedules, Poll Meetings can quickly identify times when everyone is available.

Whether managing a team spread across different time zones or coordinating with busy professionals, Poll Meetings provides a streamlined, user-friendly approach to ensure that finding the right meeting time is hassle-free and inclusive for all participants.

Sign up for free now: https://secure.simplymeet.me/register/


What are the benefits of using Poll Meetings?

Poll Meetings streamline the scheduling process and enhance participant engagement. The specific advantages that Poll Meetings offer:

  • Efficiency Boost: Simplifying the meeting scheduling process saves time and effort in finding a time that suits everyone.
  • Increased Participation: Allowing all participants to vote for their preferred times leads to higher meeting attendance rates.
  • Reduced Confusion and Errors: A clear voting process minimizes the risk of scheduling errors due to miscommunication.
  • Enhanced Transparency and Fairness: With each participant seeing others' choices and votes, decision-making becomes more transparent and fair.
  • Flexibility: Offering various time options and durations, it caters to different types of meetings and participant needs.

From improving efficiency to ensuring fairness and flexibility, Poll Meetings are indispensable for individuals, modern teams, and organizations aiming to optimize their meeting management strategies.

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