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SimplyMeet interface SimplyMeet interface
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  • Calendar sync icon


    與多款主流行事曆串接同步,如:Outlook、Google、iCloud 及 CalDav 等。

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  • Timezone icon



  • Reminders icon


    Send email reminders and follow ups. Use your own Nexmo or Twilio account to send text reminders (SMS)

    * 您無需向 SimplyMeet.me 支付任何額外的費用,即可輕鬆串接整合,並發送簡訊通知!

  • Accept payments icon


    Wide range of payment processors to handle payments from your clients

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  • Poll meetings icon

    Poll Meetings

    Propose various time options and confirm the most preferred slot by participants

  • Email time slots icon

    Time Slots in Email

    Share available meeting times with clients and colleagues

知名企業品牌選用 SimplyMeet.me

  • Dhosting
  • Oracle
  • RocketLaunch
  • Dominos
  • Stanford

Meeting Scheduling

  • Effortlessly schedule meetings

    Invitees can easily self-book by selecting from your available meeting times. Simply share your booking link, and they can choose the time that works best for them.

    Alternatively, use our 'Share time slots' feature to handpick the dates and times that suit you best. Once selected, you can copy and paste them into your emails, or share the time slots on your own website.

  • Integrate all calendars

    串接 Google、Outlook/Office 365、iCloud、Zimbra、Zoho 及其他 CalDAV 行事曆工具。輕鬆整合行事曆,一站式管理會議預約排程。

  • Manage all meetings in one place


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  • Accept Credit Card Payments in Minutes!

    SBPay.me Integration allows you to accept payments from your clients online via popular online payment processors such as Stripe, PayPal, Square and many others.

    With SBPay.me platform, you can also access extensive reporting, create payment request, make invoices, issue refunds and add taxes per Personal User account as well as per Organisation account.

  • Connect your favorite apps

    將 SimplyMeet.me 與其他第三方軟體整合,發展更多可能,像是:Slack、MailChimp、Google Sheets、Pipedrive、WordPress 及其他更多的主流應用服務。

  • Schedule video conferences

    Our Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Whereby or Google Meet integration generates a unique video conference link for every meeting.

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Additional Functionality

  • Reverse calendar sync

    With Reverse calendar sync, it becomes straightforward to manage particular hours, days and weeks ahead that have specific or unusual availability.

    In an external connected calendar you can quickly block selected times and these blocked times become available and open for bookings for a certain SimplyMeet.me service type. This is the opposite to the normal functionality and could for example be used to create special availability for a hidden calendar link with a certain service type.

  • Custom Translations

    Do you think the word "Events" suits your business module better than "Meetings"? - Not a problem! You can customise it as well as any other text on your booking website with our Custom Translations feature.

    Despite the account language, you have the flexibility to custom translate it in your own way.

  • Follow Up Email

    Stay on top of your meetings after they have ended with automatic follow-up emails. These notifications allow you to follow up with clients.

    You can pre-set the number of follow-up notifications sent to your clients and set the specific time scale, minutes or hours after your recent meeting.

    That could be to remind the client to book with you again, sharing helpful information, links or more.

  • 團體預約

    The Group Bookings feature allows you to take more than one booking in all available time slots.

    This can be useful for meetings such as webinars, training sessions, group lectures, group classes and/or for various events

  • Poll Meetings

    As a meeting organizer, propose multiple time slots and let participants choose their preferences. Easily identify the most popular time and confirm the meeting with maximum convenience and attendance.

Feature image Feature image Feature image Feature image Feature image


  • Outlook
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • iCloud
  • Google
  • FastMail
  • WordPress
  • Whereby
  • Zoom
  • Zapier
  • Zoho
  • Evidence
  • Facebook Pixel
  • twillo
  • nexmo
  • okta
  • SBPay.me
  • DAVx5

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經營者使用 好評推薦

Aarno Aukia

Aarno Aukia

Co-Founder & Partner

Invitees can easily self-book by selecting from your available meeting times. Simply share your booking link, and they can choose the time that works best for them.

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Loïc Didelot

Loïc Didelot

Chief Executive Officer

SimplyMeet.me has definitely met expectations and solved our needs. It provides us with a simple and efficient way to schedule appointments and manage our calendars. The automatic reminders and confirmations have helped reduce missed appointments and no-shows. The system is also very user-friendly, which has made it easy for our clients to use and access. Overall, we are very happy with SimplyMeet.me and it has become an integral part of our workflow.

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Kareem Ibrahim

Kareem Ibrahim

Refugee and Immigration Lawyer

It has exceeded my expectations and totally solved my needs. I am so content!

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SimplyMeet.me 會議排程解決方案已通過 ISO 27001 認證,公司依據資訊安全標準積極展開營運,定期安排員工培訓並有專門的資安官。除了定時的伺服器掃描外,我們每年都會對我們的解決方案,進行第三方滲透測試。我們在不同的數據中心使用安全通訊、每日備份等,同時也鼓勵所有用戶使用兩步驟驗證來保障其造訪系統資安全,公司或企業也可使用 OKTA SSO 整合讓員工輕鬆登入。最重要的是,我們有專門的資安官來保障您的業務在我們這邊保持安全性,以便您可以與我們的團隊中合格的專員討論您的需求及問題,進一步為您提供專業的服務。

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What is meeting scheduler software?

Meeting scheduler software simplifies the booking and management of meetings for individuals and businesses. It allows you to manage your availability, enabling anyone to book your time. The intuitive interface and automated 24/7 booking system optimizes coordination and client engagement.

The SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler enhances productivity by integrating calendars like Google, Outlook, and iCal, as well as video services such as Zoom and Teams. If you need to accept payments or integrate additional apps, you can activate SBpay.me and Zapier for broader software connectivity. SimplyMeet.me also offers an admin app to help you manage meeting schedules and receive reminders more effectively while on the go.

Boost your productivity. SimplyMeet.me aims to make meeting scheduling seamless and efficient. It allows users to customize meeting types, set different meeting durations, and manage client bookings. In short, SimplyMeet.me’s meeting scheduler software makes organizing meetings both simple and professional.


Why use an online meeting scheduler?

Using an online meeting scheduler, you can efficiently manage your meeting schedules by integrating calendars and video calling software, sending automated reminders, and processing payments. The entire meeting arrangement is systematically automated, saving time spent on scheduling and enhancing professionalism and productivity!

SimplyMeet.me offers Free Forever plan for Individuals: https://simplymeet.me/en/booking-app-for-individuals


How much does the SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler cost?

SimplyMeet.me Meeting Scheduler offers various pricing plans tailored to users of different company sizes, including a FOREVER FREE plan for individuals with features such as group bookings, redirecting invitees, custom translations, and more.

For team meeting schedule management, SimplyMeet.me provides comprehensive features to help you manage your team's meetings. You can try the Professional plan for free before deciding whether to use it.

To get more information about the plans and features of SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler, view the pricing page here: https://simplymeet.me/en/pricing


How do I set up SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler?

If you want to manage your meeting schedules through SimplyMeet.me Meeting Scheduler, you can easily set it up by following these steps:

  1. Sign up for a free SimplyMeet.me Meeting Scheduler account.
  2. Choose to integrate your personal or company calendar; SimplyMeet.me offers multiple calendar integrations (Outlook, Gmail etc) as well as CalDAV compatibility. You can also just use the native calendar within SimplyMeet.me.
  3. Set up meeting types and configure your availability.
  4. Connect other software, such as video calling and online payment, or integrate additional services via Zapier.
  5. Customize branding details: set up the style of your booking page, notifications, and more.

After testing the booking process, you can share the booking link with clients via email or social media or embed it on your official website to let them book your available time.

The entire meeting scheduling process is automated by SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler. For added convenience, you can also download the app to quickly manage your appointments (available for both iOS and Android platforms).


What calendar providers do SimplyMeet.me integrate with?

SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler supports a range of calendar providers to ensure seamless user integration. The most commonly supported calendar providers include:

  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • Apple iCal
  • Office 365 Calendar
  • CalDAV compatibility

By integrating with these calendar providers, SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler allows for automatic syncing of appointments, ensuring that your schedule is always up-to-date across all your devices and platforms. SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler helps you streamline time costs and boost productivity. Try now for free: https://secure.simplymeet.me/register/


How does SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler reduce no-show appointments?

No-shows can be a costly experience for businesses. Beyond boosting user productivity, SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler offers various features to reduce the no-show rate.

SimplyMeet.me meeting scheduler automatically sends reminders before the meeting starts, ensuring that all participants get timely reminders, thereby boosting attendance.

Furthermore, you can utilize the platform's online payment system (SBpay.me), which encourages clients to pay the bookings with a deposit or full payment. Combined with a clear cancellation policy, this strategy helps protect both the host's and clients' interests.

For the Best Meeting Scheduler, try SimplyMeet.me now for free: https://secure.simplymeet.me/register/