For Freelancers helps freelancers and consultants schedule meetings in a jiffy.

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Onboard even more clients, easier

  • Be there for your clients

  • Compress scheduling time to make it easier to connect with prospects

  • Increase customer loyalty and eliminate sales drop-offs

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Retain more customers

  • You'll build better relationships and increase retention with existing and future clients alike over project status calls

  • Advise clients in a way that is convenient for them - and for you

Complete more tasks in less time

  • Save energy for activities you can’t put on autopilot - the rest can be automated with

  • Automate your meeting scheduling with email reminders, pre- and post-event buffers, and other extra features that faciliates your work

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Benefit image

Provide outstanding organization

  • Organize group events in a straightforward manner to boost sales and customer service

  • Build a positive relationship by providing a fast and simple way to initiate it

  • Get your personal link

  • Hassle-free? You bet!

Finally a simple scheduling tool

  • With, you can plan any type of class, webinar, training session, or online course

  • Take over the control of your schedule with an easy overview and agenda accessible for everyone

  • Re-evaluate and adjust when necessary to avoid any misunderstanding

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Benefit image

Collaborate & integrate

  • Running a collaborative session? Need to go out-of-the-box, and above-and-beyond, during your consultancy call? No problem!

  • Check out the Zapier integration, plug in your teammates and use the native features of All this and more at your disposal

  • You’re just a few clicks away.

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