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Improve your team’s productivity and workflow

  • takes care of your team's schedule and helps everyone book specific times for calls or meetings of all kinds

  • No more interruptions in the middle of an important project

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Provide better communication for your clients

  • Have some clients who prefer calls over emails? Give them a full overview of your availability, help them book a time with you, and avoid taking calls when you don’t expect them

  • Satisfy clients with times that are convenient for both sides

  • Enable the flexibility by giving multiple durations to choose from

What do marketers love the most?

  • Making their work easier, of course. With various integrations provided by Zapier, you can integrate with Slack, Gmail, MailChimp, and Google Sheets

  • Top it up with a Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams integrations to make the most of your schedule and simplify your work

  • It really is even easier than you can imagine

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Benefit image

Deliver an exquisite experience

  • Ask questions on your scheduling page and adjust your meeting depending on the answers

  • Create secret meetings that won’t be interrupted

  • Redirect your consultees to an external site for more info and provide excellent service to your potential customers from day one

Meet on the go

  • Meetings at home, on the train or bus, while jogging in the park, or when sipping on a marketer’s favorite soya latte? No problem

  • works on mobile devices, so you can always keep up

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Benefit image

Collaborative meetings

  • Need to plug your colleague in to an already scheduled meeting?

  • You’d like to add some notes and get some buffer time in between meetings?

  • You can do it all – and more – with You’re just a few clicks away

  • Allow multiple individuals to schedule meetings with you at the same time

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