About us

The SimplyMeet.me solution was originally developed by Rafal Muzynski and launched under the name Harmonizely in 2016. The solution was originally built with the purpose of helping individuals and companies using CalDAV calendars to securely turn their leads into money.

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Harmonizely becomes SimplyMeet.me

In June 2021 SimplyBook.me ltd. acquired Harmonizely and soon after relaunched the solution under the name SimplyMeet.me.
The goal of the acquisition is to extend the range of scheduling offerings that SimplyBook.me ltd. offers and thereby cover better the simpler appointment meeting market. Before this acquisition, SimplyBook.me Ltd. has been focused on the popular online appointment scheduling solution, SimplyBook.me, which is an extensive, flexible booking system for all types of service SMBs and Enterprises.

Future Vision - SimplyMeet.me

SimplyBook.me will continue to run the Harmonizely solution under the new brand name, SimplyMeet.me, where the focus will be to offer a simple and effective solution for individuals, teams and enterprises to schedule and manage their appointments.
SimplyBook.me Ltd. is a global ISO 27001 certified company with offices in 3 countries.

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