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Deliver a great recruitment experience

  • Remote recruitment is quite a tough nut to crack… if you don’t use tools, or use ones that can’t handle modern recruitment

  • With, you will delight your potential employees with professionalism from day one

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Benefit image

Evaluate recruitees

  • Start assessing recruitees before they hop on a call with you

  • Ask custom questions on the scheduling page and understand beforehand those who want to join your company

  • Send them to an external page so they can get prepared for the recruitment process

Get data

  • Processing recruitment data is crucial for success and hiring the right candidates

  • integrates with Zapier, which allows you to connect Google Sheets, Slack, and Gmail or MailChimp to power up your recruitment and keep all important data on track

Benefit image
Benefit image

Be convenient for everyone

  • Mistakenly, remote recruitment may sound like a recipe for disaster

  • provides options to make recruitment convenient: timezone detection and support for various languages, so everyone will be comfortable with the process

No confusion, better workflow

  • Recruitment can be difficult for both the recruitees and HR managers

  • has features for making the recruitment meeting process seamless

Benefit image
Benefit image

Various types of meeting

  • Recruitment often requires specific types of meeting and teams taking part in them

  • With, you can set up standard 1-1 or secret meeting with recruitees, as well as collaborative departament meetings for further steps in the recruitment process

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