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Parent/Student - Teacher Meetings

  • Make parent/student teacher meetings and conferences less stressful and more effective for both sides with the right tool, enabling seamless scheduling without any time collision

  • Avoid misunderstandings, missed calls and no-show video conferences

  • Respect the precious time of both parties

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Benefit image

Student´s school enrollment

  • Especially in the world of multiple offers and opportunities, successful enrollment has become a challenge

  • With SimplyMeet, students can book both in-person and online campus tours, get in touch with college advisors regardless of time zones and get through multiple interviews, sitting in front of their computers

Redistribute resources

  • Meetings and appointments are not the only things you can book when working in the education sectors

  • Help your staff book resources they need: from devices through labs to teaching materials: no double-booking, no hassle, no problems

  • Everyone’s happy

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Benefit image

Remote learning and teaching

  • Boost remote learning with a reliable solution

  • Get to know your students - and teachers - better during quick calls, meetings and appointments

  • Let them book extra classes or short catch-ups to dispel doubts and problems

  • Offer your students video meetings with direct links to your preferred video platform like Google Meet, Teams or more

Navigate the student pathway

  • No matter if your students need advising sessions, career planning courses or help with selecting classes, make sure you make time for them

  • A trustworthy solution that helps them to book time with you in aproblem free experience

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Benefit image

Make the process simple & accessible

  • works on various devices, integrates with Zapier (and therefore, with many other apps) as well as Zoom, Hangouts and MS Teams

  • It lets you invite more participants to your meetings if you please as well as and take full control over your availability

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